Time to get started

I have had some people registering on the site, so I figure I better get started. I haven’t really looked yet to see who has registered, mostly SEO consultants or spammers, people who would like to sell me something I assume, but it doesn’t really matter.

I would like to state my intentions, what I hope to accomplish with this site to begin.

It’s my opinion that American manufacturers have lost their way to a certain extent. I grew up in manufacturing in the eighties, when management gurus like Tom Peters, Peter Drucker, Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard were writing books, and we all spent a significant amount of time on personnel development. I started down the path toward consultancy, doing things like giving talks at APICS events and submitting articles for publication, but changed direction as my wife and I had children, and concentrated on proving to myself that the techniques and ideas that these gentleman preached would work in the real world.

I have been preparing for this time, and look forward to sharing some of the lessons I have learned in my 30 years in manufacturing and management. It’s my hope that topics like; “Let staffers get some skin in the game,” “Be patient and let employees make mistakes” and “Teach values instead of correcting behaviors” will form the chapters of a book. Although I hope to share knowledge, if I do this right, I hope to learn some things as well. I invite meaningful comments and questions, because, after all, none of us can be an expert on all things, and the process of learning should never cease.

I continue to work in a management capacity at a progressive manufacturing company, and our family is busy starting a couple of other businesses, so I make no promises on the regularity of these posts, but there is no better time to start than the present, right?

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